A wrong diagnosis compensation claim is something you are entitled to make if your physician has incorrectly misdiagnosed an illness or disease. The wrong diagnosis claim has to prove that not only was an incorrect diagnosis made, but that it was done through negligence, caused an injury to you, and that you suffered damages because of that injury.

Although it sounds a very complicated issue, a wrong diagnosis compensation claim can be a straightforward procedure if handled correctly.

An incorrect diagnosis of your illness could have lead to delayed treatment for what was actually affecting you, creating a scenario whereby you suffered a greater amount of physical trauma because the ailment was not identified at the time. It could also have increased the psychological amount of trauma you were suffering – especially at the point you discovered what was really wrong with you – when you felt that you doctor was wrong. The stress this put you under should also be included in a wrong diagnosis claim.

Making a “Wrong Diagnosis” Compensation Claim

You have two years from the “date of knowledge” that you were misdiagnosed to make a wrong diagnosis claim. The date of knowledge is usually when you found out that the original diagnosis was incorrect, and you started treatment for what was really wrong with you.

Once your health is no longer in danger, you should consider speaking with a solicitor should the criteria for making a wrong diagnosis compensation claim be complete (Misdiagnosed through negligence which subsequently caused an injury which led to damage).


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