A Will enables you to have the final say as to how your estate is divided as opposed to having the law impose its solution in the absence of a Will. You will have the greater knowledge to determine what is fair rather than the law – so contact us today to prepare or update your Will.

We will prepare a Will that is specific to you and your situation. You will be able to:

  • Choose who shall (or shall not) benefit from your Estate
  • Ensure that your loved ones will be provided for
  • Appoint a Guardian for any of your children under the age of 18 and address any of their specific needs
  • Restrict or limit the operation of gifts that you make
  • Incorporate estate and Inheritance Tax planning so as to preserve the value of your wealth
  • Make charitable gifts
  • Detail your funeral wishes

Our probate Solicitors offer friendly, comprehensive advice. Contact us today to discuss your Will further.

It is often useful in preparing to make your Will to list all your assets (ie. Bank accounts, property, shares, investments, life policies etc.) and place a value beside each.

You should also list your debts (eg. mortgage, overdraft, loans etc.). This will assist us in informing you of any potential inheritance tax liability. You should consider discussing your intentions with your family or those who you intend to deal with administering your estate (personal representatives/ executors) when the time comes. This will ensure that your wishes are carried out swiftly and as you would want it.


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