What Should I Do Following A Car Accident?

  1. Call the emergency services if necessary - 999
  2. Move away for damaged cars to somewhere safe
  3. Call the Garda if anyone has been injured in the car accident
  4. Obtain the registration number of the vehicles involved
  5. Exchange information with the other person(s) involved in the Car Accident (Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Insurance Information – Name of Car Insurance Company and Policy Number)
  6. Get the names and addresses of any witnesses to the car accident
  7. Take pictures of the Car accident Location and vehicles involved using a camera phone or digital camera
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First Priority:

If you have been injured in a Car Accident you should attend at the Accident & Emergency Department of the nearest hospital or at the very least attend with your General Practitioner. Even if your injury is not serious it is still advisable that you see a Doctor. Although you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injury money is no substitute for peace of mind. I can say from hard experience that money received in respect of a car injury compensation would always be exchanged by claimants in return for their prior health and fitness.

Further if you attend the accident & Emergency Department of a Hospital or attend your General Practitioner the injury that you sustained in the Car Accident will be recorded. This may be very important if you decide to bring a Car Accident Injury Compensation Claim.

The Gardai

Following a Car Accident it is essential that you report same to the Gardai. It can often happen where there are no outwardly serious injuries that the Gardai do not attend. If this is the case it is still advisable to visit your nearest Garda Station at the earliest opportunity and give them the details of vehicles involved, insurance policy names and numbers and also ask them to record the nature of any injury whether it is a back Injury or a whiplash injury these small steps can be very important should a compensation claim for Personal Injury be made either by you or by a Third Party.

✓ Insured Drivers

✓ Uninsured/Untraced Drivers

✓ Drunken Drivers & Car Accidents

✓ Fatal Car Accidents

As I said above it is important to try and exchange details with the other Drivers involved in the Car Accident. If you are involved in a car accident with an insured driver and they are at fault their insurance company will cover the costs of your Injury Claim. It is mandatory in Ireland to process your claim initially through the Injuries Board (PIAB). I will help you with this process to ensure you get adequate compensation for your Personal Injury. The Injuries Board (PIAB) have a Book of Quantum which gives and indication of the range of Compensation for a particular personal injury. All types of Personal Injury are detailed in the Book of Quantum including Whiplash, Head Injury, Arm/Leg Amputation, Neck Injury, Back Injury and Trunk Injury, Fractures, Crush Injury. All injuries are categorised as

✓ Substantially Recovered

✓ Significant Ongoing

✓ Serious and Permanent Conditions

Whiplash symptoms may be minor whiplash, acute whiplash or chronic whiplash

The Book of Quantum state that a whiplash injury which has substantially recovered within 12 months may be assessed up to €14,400. A whiplash injury which has substantially recovered within 24 months is assessed at a value of €11,500 to €17,400. Someone suffering with significant and ongoing Whiplash Injury is valued between €15,900 and €64,500 while a serious and permanent whiplash condition is assessed with a value between €59,400 and €78, 400.

It is not however always possible or even advisable to try and exchange details; the driver of the other car in the accident may be drunk, aggressive or seriously or even fatally injured.

Of course when a serious or fatal injury arises from a car accident the most important thing is medical care. However other than in this case it should always be possible to get some basic details such as the registration number of the other car and you should endeavour to get these.

If you are involved in a car accident with someone who is uninsured you can claim compensation for your Personal Injury through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIBI)

Hit and Run accidents may also be dealt with through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIBI)

The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIBI) can act as (insurer) of the unknown or untraced driver and can, if appropriate, make a compensation payment to the victim in respect of any Personal Injury.

Make use of Technology

Nowadays most of us have a Mobile Phone and the camera/video function can be useful if you have been in a car accident in order to take pictures of the damage to the cars and there respective locations on the road, it can also be use to record the Registration Number of the cars involved in the car accidents.

Do Not Admit Liability

All car accidents are unique whether they happen in Monaghan or Dublin and it is better to discuss the details of your accident and your injury with a Solicitor before you make a statement regarding liability.


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