Essential Information if you are buying a house


We at Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan recommend prior to proceeding with your purchase that you make full and detailed enquiries in relation to the following matters. 


If you are applying for a mortgage and current status of the application.   Please ensure that you lodge all required documentation with your lending institution as quickly as possible as this will speed up the issue of the loan funds, usually delays are caused because mortgage protection/life cover are not in place. Our staff at Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan will assist you in resolving any difficulties. 

2.                  INDEPENDENT SURVEY  

Barry Healy, Solicitor, Monaghan strongly recommends that you arrange to have the property examined by a qualified Architect, Engineer or Surveyor.  There is no warranty or guarantee in respect of the structure of a second hand property.  Please note that the survey carried out by your Building Society may not be relied upon by you.   This survey merely protects the lending institution and can be confined to identifying the property only.


If the purchase price includes a list of contents and/or fixtures and fittings, please arrange for the Vendor or his/her Estate Agent to type up a list and furnish it to Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan for attachment to the Contract.

4.     SERVICES 

You should also re-examine the property to ascertain if services such as cable TV, telephone line, gas and refuse collection are supplied.  When carrying out this check you might also advise our staff at Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan if it appears that any extensions have been built, or conversions or other alterations carried out to the property since construction. 


We recommend that you attend at the Planning Office and inspect the planning file for the house and the development plans for the locality.  You should pay particular attention to any green spaces or any undeveloped lands and enquire in the Planning Office as to their knowledge of any proposals for these lands.


We recommend that you make all relevant enquiries to ensure that the property you propose to purchase is insurable and, further, that you insure the property immediately on the signing by you of the Contracts even though this is not a strict requirement until the transaction has been completed.  Your Lending Institution may arrange insurance cover for you. Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan will help you with any difficulties encountered. 


Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan will set an estimate of the charges for the work which we have agreed to do for you.  This sets out the professional fee, outlays and miscellaneous charges payable to us, it sets out items of outlay payable to third parties, including government agencies, which must be discharged by you. 

In the event that unforeseen difficulties arise in the transaction, for example, if good marketable title is not produced, leading to additional work on our part, we reserve the right to charge on the basis of the extra time involved.  A supplementary estimate will be furnished to you in advance of any such additional charges. 

The Outlays which are distinct from the Solicitors professional fee include inter alia Land Registry Fees, Search Fees, Stamp Duty, Commissioners Fees .  Barry Healy and Company, Solicitors Monaghan will be able to provide you with a breakdown once we have had sight of the title documents.  


We confirm that in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering Legislation Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan are obliged to retain on our files a copy of your current valid passport or driving licence accompanied by any utility bill e.g. Gas, ESB or Eircom. We also require your PPS number and a copy of your State marriage Certificate (if applicable) 

If you are buying a house give Barry Healy Solicitor Monaghan a call at Freephone 1800 27 27 27 or Tel 047 71556 or email


Barry Healy & Company,

Solicitors, Monaghan