5 Most Important things to Know if you are in a Car Accident with an uninsured Driver

1. The Motor Insurers Bureau Of Ireland (MIBI) are the Statutory Body set up to deal with such claims. Barry Healy, Solicitor Monaghan will assist in completing the relevant MIBI Claim Form. It has to be fully completed and returned to the MIBI. You should keep all information/documents relating to the accident.

2. Barry Healy Solicitor Monaghan will ensure that the Claim Form is submitted promptly.

3. Personal Injury Claims are covered under the MIBI schemeand compensation is may be payable even where the offending vehicle/driver is unidentified.

4. Vehicle/Property Damage Claims are covered under the agreement however the offending vehicle MUSTbe identified. If it is not so identified the MIBI has no responsibility to pay compensation for such damage.

5. Where a damaged vehicle is insured under a comprehensive policy of insurance, the MIBI agreement recites that the claim must be dealt with by the comprehensive of the vehicle/property, however where one has to avail of this process the MIBI agreement guarantees protection of your No Claim Bonus.  Barry Healy Solicitor Monaghan will keep you well advised in relation to the agreement. The Statutory time limits for making a claim apply to all claims against the MIBI.


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