Common incidents involve handling, lifting, carrying, slips, trips, falling objects, hand-tools, machinery and falls. Others are injured as a result of the repetitive nature of their work activities or the absence of appropriate training.  Each year thousands of people become injured through accidents at work, causing them to be off work for a period of time.  If you have been injured at work then Barry Healy & Company, Solicitors, Monaghan,  can help.

Employers are obliged under Health & Safety legislation to offer their staff a healthy and safe environment to work in. This means undertaking an assessment of the risks that exist in the workplace, as well as providing training, competent fellow employeesand properly maintained and suitable work equipment to ensure that everyone can carry out their job in a safe manner and in a safe workplace.

If it can be proven that someone else is at fault for your workplace injury – whether it’s your employer, a colleague or another company carrying out a job at your place of work – you are entitled to make a compensation claim for your work accident.

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